My first Limousine Ride


October 17, 2016


Calgary LimoI grew up in the quiet suburbs of Calgary, looking at many movies of brides and grooms hopping out of their elongated luxury cars, hoping that one day it would be me. Recently, I had my very first Limo ride. No, it wasn’t at my wedding. Let me relate to you the story of my first ride with a limousine and don’t sit too tight, it didn’t move that fast, but man was it luxurious.


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Male Suicide – Tough Topic, but man it needs to be talked about…


October 11, 2016


Men are killing themselves at an alarming rate! I woke one morning to the scream of a mother who found her son hanging from the ceiling. Thinking of this even send chills down my spine and I watch my friend’s lifeless body being stretchered out of the house. I, myself, have never thought of harming myself much less commit suicide. Let’s chew into some facts about suicide and men.

Men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women. Women on the other hand are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide. Why do men die more often then? When men commit suicide they often select methods with a higher success rate like hanging, or gunshot while women are more likely to resort to pills. Why is this so? Suicidal men have been proven to have more intense feelings towards killing themselves while suicidal women are more likely to have weak feelings a bit more regularly.


perfectionismWhat causes men to want to kill themselves? In most cases the answer is social perfectionism. How? Social perfectionists are people who strive for flawlessness and to live up to high ideals of the people in the environment around them. Many men today are striving to for perfection in this highly competitive world. A recent study showed that suicidal men often feel this way because they felt they have failed their loved ones, society and themselves. Many males in our society often commit suicide because they were made to feel inadequate by people around or by loved ones. A lot has to do with the idea of masculinity and the high level of idealism around it.


suicide-rates-2012  What can cause social perfectionism? The media! Guyana, a third world South American country, has the world’s highest suicide rate. Indo-Guyanese members of this society commit a whopping 80% of the suicide according to some studies, despite being 43% of the total population. Most of these cases are due to failed relationships. The Indo-Guyanese communities of Guyana often consume a special category of Bollywood films. In these films, especially the romance films, a high level of perfectionism is pushed.

It is my hope that I have nailed the main cause of suicide for you. It is my hope that the suicide epidemic among males would grind to a halt. It’s important that our expectations be given less importance to our reality. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but death in my opinion is less than imperfect.


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Why isn’t she replying?


October 3, 2016

words of wisdom

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-11-14-39-am   I texted, she read my message and didn’t reply! Why? Many a time men are left dumbfounded by a chilling lack of response from girls they try to seek out. This often strikes our egos right in the nuts. Why is this happening? Here are 4 reasons:

1. Bad Opening line/ First impression

Firstly, you didn’t open the conversation in a manner that calls for a response. How you start or your first impression sets the tone for later.  Guys are probably texting her all day and most of them will start with ‘hi’ and ‘hello’. That’s just not going to cut it. ‘Hi’s’ and ‘hellos’ are very boring conversation starters. Aren’t they? Start with something more appealing. You yourself can think of something that will be more exciting than ‘hi’. I have actually tried the line, “you look familiar, are you from…” and have received way more success in getting responses. Anything interesting or anything that makes her think will do.

2. Too Serious Too Fast

Secondly, you got really serious, real fast! Often times, when we are attracted to a girl, we tend to head straight in the direction of dating. Women don’t like when we come on too strong. Not too long ago, I used to head too quickly in that direction. From the first conversation I used to start talking about romance, ambition and relationships. Most women in the world of dating assess this type of behaviour as a sign of desperation. Don’t get me wrong, women like being chased but not in such a fast paced manner.

3. You are just like the ‘others’

Thirdly, you don’t stand out enough! Most guys seeking a woman’s love would: kiss her ass, reply in paragraphs, over compliment her, be too open, act cheesy, use too many emoticons and most of all act desperate. This is the single most important thing to avoid when trying to get with a girl. AVOID FITTING IN! When something is too familiar we tend to take it for granted. Every woman likes something new and unfamiliar, something mysterious, something hard to own and something that is in control of their life.

4. She is busy

Fourthly, she is genuinely BUSY! Yes, women get busy too. They have lives too, responsibilities too. Sometimes we should be considerate and not bombard them. It is advisable to message at convenient times. How would you know this? There is no sure-fire way to know, but usually when she is off from work.


How can we stop it? The reasons highlighted above are the real reasons you aren’t getting responses most of the time. Also, never ask why she isn’t responding. Asking would usually result in you getting a nonsense response eg. I didn’t receive your message or my phone isn’t working. Avoid the pitfalls highlighted above and you will start experiencing more success as it pertains to getting replies from the women you desire. Do what is required and get what you desire.


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Hola my party people!


September 20, 2016


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I know what your thinking…

What the heck is Nations Memory Bank?

Have you ever wanted to remember everything that you have ever done, but for some reason, can’t seem to be motivated to keep a journal? Here’s the thing, I am an ambitiously lazy guy, who has a ridiculously, crazy, fun life.

When it comes to living life to its fullest, I DO!

So here is what I am going to do… I am going to share my stories and experiences with you. It’s easy to let yourself down- I have proven this concept- but I promise I won’t let you down.

Stay tuned.



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