My first Limousine Ride


October 17, 2016


Calgary LimoI grew up in the quiet suburbs of Calgary, looking at many movies of brides and grooms hopping out of their elongated luxury cars, hoping that one day it would be me. Recently, I had my very first Limo ride. No, it wasn’t at my wedding. Let me relate to you the story of my first ride with a limousine and don’t sit too tight, it didn’t move that fast, but man was it luxurious.

I hopped onto my first limousine ride at my cousin’s wedding. I was well decked in my Suit and cravate noir and eagerly waiting to ride. A shimmering black gem then appeared in all its lustre to pick me up from my tedious task of waiting. The night lights bounced off of its sparkling coating like rays reflected out of Amethyst.

As I stood, a tall well dressed chauffeur came around in his grace and opened the door for me like servants do for their master. I was overflowing with excitement as I peered into the spanking interior of this luxurious mobile mansion. I quickly fell in love with the glitter from the light from the roof bouncing off the cotton white seats.

I gently slid onto the soft leather seat that was smoother than a baby’s bum (NB: I never touched a baby’s bum) and sank my bony derriere into it. It was so soft and cool. I slid childishly from end to end until the others were ready to enter. There was champagne, food and even confetti in the passenger compartment. I took my sweet little time to mess the area with my kid-like eating habits.

The vehicle took off slowly and cruised at a less than normal speed. I poked my head through the roof staring into the night sky as the fireworks went off in the background. When the fireworks were all over, I sat down once again as quiet as a mouse in my luxury ride and smiled the rest of the ride. We reached our destination much later than I would’ve taken on my speedy bike and was escorted by our chauffeur to the gate of our guest house.

My first ride on a Limo was an extraordinary experience; it was as good as it looked in the movies. My cousin’s wedding gave me a chance to experience exquisite. I’ll be definitely taking my bride out on a Limo for my wedding. Have you been on a limo?

If you haven’t, I think it would be wonderful to try!

If you have…. tell me your story!