Male Suicide – Tough Topic, but man it needs to be talked about…


October 11, 2016


Men are killing themselves at an alarming rate! I woke one morning to the scream of a mother who found her son hanging from the ceiling. Thinking of this even send chills down my spine and I watch my friend’s lifeless body being stretchered out of the house. I, myself, have never thought of harming myself much less commit suicide. Let’s chew into some facts about suicide and men.

Men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women. Women on the other hand are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide. Why do men die more often then? When men commit suicide they often select methods with a higher success rate like hanging, or gunshot while women are more likely to resort to pills. Why is this so? Suicidal men have been proven to have more intense feelings towards killing themselves while suicidal women are more likely to have weak feelings a bit more regularly.


perfectionismWhat causes men to want to kill themselves? In most cases the answer is social perfectionism. How? Social perfectionists are people who strive for flawlessness and to live up to high ideals of the people in the environment around them. Many men today are striving to for perfection in this highly competitive world. A recent study showed that suicidal men often feel this way because they felt they have failed their loved ones, society and themselves. Many males in our society often commit suicide because they were made to feel inadequate by people around or by loved ones. A lot has to do with the idea of masculinity and the high level of idealism around it.


suicide-rates-2012  What can cause social perfectionism? The media! Guyana, a third world South American country, has the world’s highest suicide rate. Indo-Guyanese members of this society commit a whopping 80% of the suicide according to some studies, despite being 43% of the total population. Most of these cases are due to failed relationships. The Indo-Guyanese communities of Guyana often consume a special category of Bollywood films. In these films, especially the romance films, a high level of perfectionism is pushed.

It is my hope that I have nailed the main cause of suicide for you. It is my hope that the suicide epidemic among males would grind to a halt. It’s important that our expectations be given less importance to our reality. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but death in my opinion is less than imperfect.